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About Bahrain Lawyers platform

Lawyers.bh is an online brokerage platform registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, It is not a law firm and does not provide legal services. Instead, legal services are provided by a group of lawyers licensed by the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments in the Kingdom of Bahrain, by linking beneficiaries and service providers such as lawyers, consultants, mediators and arbitrators to provide judicial and legal services through the Bahrain Lawyers.bh platform. Settlement services include Conciliation and arbitration, consultations of all kinds and other services outside the corridors of the courts, and that this platform is intended only to serve the citizen looking for a lawyer, and everyone who is looking for a lawyer from different companies and sectors, and it was not directed to promote lawyers or advertise them or their activities.

Our message :

Spreading the legal culture to serve the community, facilitating the claim of rights and making them available, achieving transparency in litigation, and linking beneficiaries with judicial and legal service providers with ease.

Our vision :

To be Lawyers.bh the best network that brings together lawyers and legal advisors to work on providing legal services such as consultations and pleadings before courts of all specializations and degrees in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and for the platform to be distinguished by providing the best services and achieving customer and user satisfaction.

Instructions for use and definitions:

The words, expressions and phrases mentioned in these conditions shall have the meanings indicated opposite each of them:

  • The platform: It is an electronic mediation platform registered under company name of Saraya Square Business Services, CR. No. 96375-5 issued by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Application: is the application of the platform installed on mobile phones.
  • Beneficiary: Anyone who downloads the platform application or accesses its website and requests to present his or her case to lawyers.
  • Lawyer: – He is the lawyer who has a valid subscription to the platform, and this does not include other lawyers.
  • The Company Owner: Saraya Square Foundation for Services


a Bahraini establishment registered under Commercial Registration

No. 96375-5 issued by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce in Manama – Kingdom of Bahrain.

  • Administration: – Manage the platform.

Content: It is the content that the beneficiary uploads to the platform in order to request that it be presented to the lawyers.

  • Services: It is the service of the beneficiary by presenting his case to the competent lawyer without any restriction on the platform in this regard.
  • Privacy Policy: – It is the company’s policy regarding the data it receives from its customers.
  • The owner of the company notes that the purpose of this platform is to facilitate the access of those who need legal support to specialized lawyers, as part of the mission of the owner of the company to spread legal awareness among the public. And everyone who is looking for a lawyer from different companies and sectors and was not directed to promote lawyers or advertise them or their activities.
  • The user of the platform presents his topic on the space designated for that in the platform, and this content is subject to all local and international publishing laws and conditions. It is also subject to review and classification before it is presented to lawyers and other service providers, and the platform reserves all its rights to reject or delete the content without giving reasons.
  • The platform considers that all data sent to it is non-confidential, and that the intent of sending it to the platform is to publish it and make it available to lawyers registered in the platform without any reservation on its part in that.
  • Only a list of lawyers’ data that facilitates access to them, such as contact data, the lawyer’s office website, and the lawyer’s email, is sent without including any promotional or marketing advertisement.
  • The owner of the company notes clearly and categorically that he will not accept, under any circumstances, that the lawyer’s data on the platform contain any advertising or promotional phrase, or what is understood from it.
  • The presence of the lawyer’s name in the lists sent to the beneficiary through the platform’s communication channels is not interpreted in any way as a nomination or recommendation by the lawyer from the owner of the company, and does not constitute a guarantee for any party.
  • This platform does not represent a reference for inquiring about lawyers in any way, and the platform indicates that the reference for inquiring about lawyers is only the bar associations, syndicates, and the competent government agencies.
  • The privacy policy of the platform and the company is an integral part of these conditions, and the beneficiary alone is responsible for providing the lawyers who communicate with him with his details.

General provisions

  • These terms apply regardless of the type of device used by the beneficiary or attorney (be it a computer, laptop, mobile phone, etc.).
  • The company that owns or manages the platform does not bear any obligations of any kind towards customers because of the publications, requests or consultations it offers, and the platform management has the full right to delete or ban everything that violates the platform’s policy and these conditions or violates the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. the two seas.
  • The company that owns the platform is not responsible for any agreements, obligations, contracts or representations made between clients, lawyers or any other parties.
  • The platform does not recommend or recommend specific people and does not carry out any mediation between the parties, and the company that owns the application has no relationship with the content of the data, topics or relationships added by customers.
  •  The judicial authority is for the courts of the Kingdom of Bahrain – Manama – and these terms and any dispute or claim arising out of or related to them or their subject matter or formulation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain.